College Counseling and Prep
25+ years of Consistent Results

1. Harvard
2. Princeton
3. Chicago (economics)
4. UPenn Wharton
5. Stanford
6. RISD (art)
7. Juilliard (music)
8. MIT
9. CIT
10. Williams (LA)
11. Yale
12. Columbia
13. UPenn
14. Brown
15. Amherst (LA)
16. Dartmouth
17. Cornell
18. Northwestern
19. Duke
20. Johns Hopkins
Notre Dame
Washington SL
Carnegie Mellon
Uni. of Michigan
Boston College
Boston University
UT Austin (Honors)
NYU Stern
Northwestern HPME
Brown PLME
Case Western PPSP
Washington SL USPM
Penn State PMM
Miami MMSM
Polytechnic APSP
Rochester REMS
Boston Uni. SMBU
Pittsburgh GAP
Rutgers NJMS-NWK
Saint Louis MSP
Dallas UT-PACT
Missouri UMKC
Stevens APMP
Cincinnati CDAP
Muhlenberg DUCM
Temple PMHCP
SAT I: Lowest 1510, AVG 1560
SAT I: Perfect scores (25% of students)
SAT II: AVG 780, 75% perfect scores
ACT: Lowest 34, AVG 35
ACT: Perfect scores (35% of students)
AP: Average 4.9
UWGPA: Average 3.95
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SAT +380, ACT +8 average

2020 Summer SAT / ACT Prep (June and/or July – registration starts 2/20)
College essays and app (summer)
Study ahead for next year (summer)

Personalized curriculum
Personalized schedule
Unlimited practice tests
Customized lessons
Skill based textbooks

Take real SAT and ACT practice tests and get detailed review lesson. You are grouped with students with similar scores so that you can maximize your review sessions.

Focus only on what you need through this step-by-step group lessons.

Test Prep Classes

Why Mega test prep?

Through dedicated research and updates, we strive to provide our students with lessons and textbooks that are most predictive of the future tests.

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College Essays
Work with professional writers

Mega College Essay Difference
– Professional writers with 10+ years
– Counselors with 20+ years
– Sample accepted essays for all colleges
– Consistent highest acceptance rate for 20+ years
– Sample accepted profiles and resumes
– Timeline management for all due dates
– Professional common application writing

Available programs:
– Full service college counseling
– One-to-One Unlimited meetings
– Affordable group programs

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