The Whitney Lab at UC Berkeley is offering a summer program for high schoolers. The goal of the summer program is to provide academically advanced high schoolers a hands-on research experience. Summer students will be involved in every step of the research process, and will be working alongside Whitney lab members to create and test novel research paradigms. See the Whitney Lab publications and research in the news on our website.

This is an excellent opportunity to expose advanced high school students to the specific techniques and research equipment used at top-tier universities. In the summer internship, students will learn advanced computer coding and statistical analysis techniques that are fundamental to a successful career in all scientific fields. Additionally, students will be tutored in how to write up experimental results using professional scientific publication standards.

Our admissions process is highly competitive, as we only accept a few students each summer. It is a fee-based program. However, we will consider underrepresented students in sciences (minority and low-income students) for a full fee-waiver.  If any of your students would be interested in learning more about our summer program, please direct your students to our website.


The Whitney Laboratory, UC Berkeley

2121 Berkeley Way West

Berkeley, CA 94702

Program Director:  Allison Yamanashi Leib, PhD