Summer Experiences & Pre-Orientation Programs from the College

A capstone to your student’s summer. The start of something special.

The summer before the first quarter of college can feel endless for many students. For those students who can’t wait to begin making their mark, who long to explore new ideas and perspectives, and crave the opportunity to engage with others, the University of Chicago invites students in the Class of 2022 to begin their academic journey through participation in one of the College’s Summer Experiences or Pre-Orientation Programs. Whether your student’s interests lie in community service, leadership, travel, career exploration, or for those simply eager to make the transition into campus life, there are multiple options from which they may choose.

  • Students will immerse themselves in international culture through participation in a Global Exploration Program to either Beijing or Paris. These two-week, study abroad-style programs give students the opportunity to visit UChicago’s global centers and learn from expert faculty while exploring significant sites in each city.
  • For those students eager to begin looking into career options, we recommend one of our Career Exploration Week Programs. These four-day treks are led by full-time Career Advancement staff and offer opportunities to engage with industry leaders in a wide range of fields, while also tapping into UChicago’s national alumni network.
  • If your student is looking forward to diving into the diverse people, places, and opportunities that make Chicago a world-class city, then consider one of UChicago’s Pre-Orientation Programs.These six or seven day programs, hosted on-campus, provide students the chance to explore Chicago through many different lenses, including social justice, leadership, history, and culture, while also learning how to build upon their personal interests through participation in campus-based and city-wide programs.
  • International students can begin their transition to campus with help from UChicago faculty and students by participating in one of our specially-designed Programs for International Students. These programs focus on maximizing success at UChicago through thoughtful engagement around topics both academic and social.

As a parent of an incoming student, we invite you to learn more about our Summer Experiences and Pre-Orientation Programs. Each one-of-a-kind opportunity offers your student the chance to begin building their own UChicago experience while making friends, and memories, that they will cherish throughout their time in the College.

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