Personalized 1:1 Test Prep

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Need at least 1520 on SAT and 34 on ACT?

You can with our individualized lessons and curriculum.

1:1 Focus lessons

You get customized tutoring that teaches you how to identity your weakness, eliminate your mistakes, overcome confusion between answer choices, and apply the lessons to other questions.

The lessons are truly meant only for what you need to improve your scores.

Skill based textbooks

Get your target score just by finishing all the textbooks and assignments. Our textbooks are categorized by difficulty level so that you can increase your score with ease. Learn only what you need through our skilled based textbooks ranging from easy levels to advanced. The goal is SIMPLY to finish the advanced level textbooks.

Lessons and Planning

Personalized lessons and strategy
1. Initial consultation
2. Diagnostic test or assessment
3. Assign homework that focus on weak areas
4. One-to-one tutoring on homework
5. Identify source of confusion or weakness
6. In class exercises that target weak areas
7. One-to-one tutoring on the exercises
8. Repeat steps 5 and 7
9. Reassess skill level for advancement
10. Assign homework that focuses on weak areas

The Curriculum

Initial consultation
We listen to your answers on:
– Previous preparations
– School subjects taken so far
– Previous scores
– Most common mistakes and confusions

Diagnostic test
The diagnostic test scores are not that helpful if only the scores are looked at. At Mega Prep, through diagnostic tests, we identify reasons behind the behind the scores:
– The skill levels for each subject area
– The area of confusion
– The area lacking fundamental understanding
– The area of strong understanding

Online management portal
– Real-time updates
– Teacher comments
– Homework and test assignments
– Homework and test scores
– Test preparation counseling

1:1 Focused Lessons

– Passage types
– Question types
– Reasoning skills on certain patterns
– Must know vocabulary
– Reading patterns not yet mastered

English Grammar/Writing
– Idea coherence and unity
– Paragraph and sentence function
– Fundamental grammar rules
– How to quickly identify patterns

ACT science
– Graph and table analysis
– Basic science concepts
– Lab data analysis
– Contrasting different experiments
– Understanding science passages

Essay (Optional)

Through personal corrections tailored to address each student’s needs, students will learn how to write effective, short, simple, and clear sentences. The lectures will focus on teaching students vital writing techniques that will enable them to write easily understandable sentences and paragraphs. During sessions, we teach the following writing skills.
– comprehensive understanding of the text
– skillful use of textual evidence
– relevant, sufficient, and strategically chosen support for claim(s)
– a highly effective use and command of language
– progression of ideas both within paragraphs and throughout the essay
– a consistent use of precise word choice
– free or virtually free of grammar errors