Research and Competition

Prove your energy and depth of commitment in your academic endeavors. All top colleges now require research and internship experience.

Research advising
Research tutoring
Research paper writing
Competition tutoring
Summer research admission prep
Professional Researchers with Ph.D.

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Award, Scholarship, and Honors

Show your commitment, dedication and genuine interest in expanding your intellectual horizons.

Competition preparation and entry
Writing and Essays
Academic and STEM
Publish your novels or stories
President’s service awards

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Academic achievements and honors

The primary (the first step) criterion for admission is academic excellence. Show your preparation and potential to succeed by demonstrating that you have challenged yourself throughout high school.

4.0 GPA Academic subject tutoring
English tutoring
Study Ahead
AP Exams
Academic planning
Summer internship
Summer Research

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1:1 Private essay writing and counseling

College supplement essays and common application

Resume and 2 minute self-intro video coaching
College counseling
Major selection and application tracking
Major related, scholarship, portfolio essays
Mon-Fri 4-7PM (unlimited 1:1 sessions)

3 colleges
5 colleges (4 colleges + UC)
10 colleges (9 colleges + UC)

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1:1 Personalized Editing and Applications

Essay writing and college counseling when you want it. Group sessions are available M-F 4-7PM.

1:1 College supplement essays
1:1 Major selection and “Why major” essay
1:1 College selection and application filing
1:1 Timeline with schedule management (Tracking)

30 Sessions (Up to UC + 8 colleges)
15 sessions (Up to UC + 5 colleges)
8 sessions (Up to UC +2 colleges)
4 sessions (UC, common, or 1 college)

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1:1 Personalized test preparations

Need at least 1540 on SAT and 35 on ACT?
You can with our individualized lessons and curriculum.

After coming here, my score went up by 400 points. The classes are structured
very uniquely so you focus primarily on skills that you struggle with and get
personalized practice problems. There’s a “level” structure so you master how
to do problems of a certain difficulty before you move to more challenging
problems and learning this way really helped my raise my score quickly. -G.D. Saratoga

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College Counseling

Personal counselor
Research selection for projects and papers
Competition selection for awards and honors
Resume building coaching
Academic honors and project selection
College summer program / internship selection
SAT 1, SAT 2, ACT, AP planning
Work and Internship planning and selection
College selection
Major selection and planning
4.0 GPA planning
Academic subject selection
Award selection
Leadership advising
School club selection
Extracurricular activity selection

Up-to-Date Guidance

Three time a year, we visit top college campuses and talk to the admissions staff about what they have looked at in recent applicants and will be looking at in future applicants. The information gives us a deep insight into what has worked and what needs to change.

We build on previous success stories

Since 1993, we having been looking at the following data to determine what has worked the best for each college as each college has different criteria for each major: essays, research papers, projects, competitions, awards, resume, honors, summer programs, internship, work experiences, extracurriculars, GPA, test scores, and personal stories.

Post acceptance counseling

During April of 2nd semester of 12th grade, you get extensive counseling on which of the admitted colleges is best for you. Both the parents and the student with the head counselor determine the best fit by considering many criteria that include career goals, location, financial needs, personal needs, academic goals, and after-college plans.

Since 1993 95% acceptance to top 20 colleges

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1. Harvard
2. Princeton
3. Chicago (economics)
4. UPenn Wharton
5. Stanford
6. RISD (art)
7. Juilliard (music)
8. MIT
9. CIT
10. Williams (LA)
11. Yale
12. Columbia
13. UPenn
14. Brown
15. Amherst (LA)
16. Dartmouth
17. Cornell
18. Northwestern
19. Duke
20. Johns Hopkins